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ZAXBY’S Survey 2021 | Online Survey and Benefits

Zaxby’s survey that is made for customer satisfaction is an online platform (Myzaxbysvisit.com) that is made for customer services and to provide the restaurant information about the needs and wishes of the customers.


It is also made for the customers to gain an insight into knowing what their experiences are during the last visit they have taken to the Zaxby’s restaurant.

There is also a probability that the customers that are submitting the Zaxbys survey at www.zaxbyslistens.com will get a reward. The rewards are for the sole purpose of making the customers recognize that the feedback they share is very much valuable. 

This reward is given to the customers that have purchased a receipt in which they see a reward section. This can be by the restaurant itself or sweepstakes.

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For completing the Zaxby’s survey at www.myzaxbysvisit.com you will surely get the rewards once you take steps as per we have given. 

For the Zaxby’s survey, you can visit www.zaxbyslistens.com and on that, you can redeem the code and the offer that is printed on your receipt. The code that is printed on your receipt itself will help you get the Zaxby’s rewards. Without the receipt, you cannot enter the Zaxbys.com.

Zaxby’s Survey Rewards


Once you have completed the Zaxby’s survey you have a reward waiting for you. You can have 10 chances to try your hand on the $1000 daily prizes.

You can also win prizes that are worth $1500 instantly and that could be won weekly! These rewards can only be earned if you follow proper steps and complete all the requirements for Zaxbys.com.

The basic is you need to have the receipt that is very much essential as it contains the code that is helpful for the Zaxby’s survey at Myzaxbysvisit.com.

Requirement for the Zaxby’s Survey

To complete the Zaxby’s survey for zaxbys.com for customers you must have basic necessities that are as follows:-

1. The person that is giving the Online Zaxby’s Survey must have the receipt that is given at the restaurant with the reward tag on it.

2. The person that is giving the Zaxby’s Survey must have a strong internet connection.

3. The person that is giving the Survey at zaxbys.com must have 8-10 minutes of their time in which they aren’t disturbed.

4. The person that is giving the Zaxby’s Satisfaction Survey must have a smart device i.e. A smartphone or a laptop.

5. The person that is giving the Zaxby’s Customer Survey must have a basic knowledge of the language of English or Spanish.

6. The person that is giving the Zaxby’s Survey must have a valid email ID.

Rules for completing the Zaxby’s Survey:-

1. The Customers must be a registered resident of the USA.

2. The Zaxby’s Customer must be an adult i.e 18 or older for performing the Zaxby’s Survey.

3. Customers must be aware that the prize is available only per receipt. 

4. The person that is giving the survey must be aware that the prize transfer is not allowed.

5. Zaxby’s Restaurants employees are not allowed to register or submission for the Zaxby’s Customer Survey.

How to Take the Zaxby’s Survey?

zaxby com

1. Visit www.zaxbyslistens.com and click on enter Zaxby’s survey.

2. Enter the following information from the receipt provided.

  • Last visit date and time.
  • Spent amount.
  • Entry code on the receipt.

3. Click on submit and the Zaxby’s Customer survey would start.

4. Think about the experience that you had when you last visited the restaurant.

5. At the end of your Zaxby’s Rewards survey you need to enter your personal details for redeeming the award that is waiting for you.

6. Click on submit button, and your Zaxby’s survey will be successfully .

Customer service:-


Zaxby, 1040 founders building, Athens, Georgia.

United States – (30606)

Phone Number: (+1 706 754 1122)

Fax Number: (+1 706 754 1302)

Reference Links:-

1. Zaxbys survey site:- www.myzaxbysvisit.com 

2. Zaxbys official website:- https://www.zaxbys.com/

3. Zaxbys Facebook account:- https://m.facebook.com/Zaxbys/ 

4. Zaxbys Instagram account:- https://www.instagram.com/realzaxbys/?hl=en 

5. Zaxbys Twitter handle:- https://twitter.com/Zaxbys?s=09 



Zaxby is a group of a fast-food- casual chain of restaurants that offers a variety of food products such as chicken legs, tenders, fries, fingers, sandwiches and salads. It houses its headquarters in Georgia.

It has growing popularity in the states and has branches over 900 locations.

It is owned by different franchises and companies. The ZAXBY corporate itself owns just 123 locations. All the restaurant’s locations are well furnished with cheery staff and good interiors. You can find almost all the American type fast-food here.


That was all to the Zaxby’s survey. Hope you liked the information on the Zaxby’s Customer survey. And I hope that this information helped you and you found it useful. If you are facing any issues whatsoever, you can contact the customer service centre and you can find someone who can help you there!

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